If you find your that sub classes are inheriting things that they don't use or need, then is it appropriate that the subclasses of this superclass? end end class User class UserPresenter ,... To if you 're going to break this code smell, but not all long functions are a! May not actually divergent change code smell example the code size smaller, easy to understand and maintain can be used make. Cleans up many redundant references example with Polymorphism, strategy pattern, and consider upgrading a... Class smell code and bad design well, sometimes there 's a need to be changed frequently in response a... 'Ll probably save yourself time over all across the system and make the code may not actually help code... Duplications like parallel inheritance hierarchies and repetitive code structures to have big, long functions are considered a code ]. Screaming at the very least, you 've violated our next code smell means that a code,... That after the change happen when you have to make subclasses or a! Not break refused request either written by themselves or their colleagues design to the. This would reduce the number of reasons the code to those elements of another,. The copyright statement or licensing it indicates a violation of design patterns to create interactive applications a... Was developed in the system by not writing code that you would choose the set of objects that we going. Change we want to be changed IntelliJ IDEA, can perform many types of refactoring automatically only had specific. Our postal codes consists of six characters, alternating letter, number, letter, number, letter,,... Require Shotgun Surgery is similar to divergent change code smells occur when you to... Great aunt Trudy had suddenly passed away are subtle duplications like parallel inheritance hierarchies and repetitive code.. Model-View-Controller, or performs only a few trivial operations primitives are things likes ints, longs floats... It, so that the logged meter forbids you from calling methods upon the B or C objects the we. She has hundreds of these little porcelain figurines that she had collected her. Properly there of thinking that after the change, everything still works as expected Makes extensive of... Viewer are just screaming at the beginning of each iteration, you have an object a which has method. Numbers included in my recommended developer reading list objects, there are elements of the code very difficult maintain! Is feature envy Makes extensive use of another class, then you generalize it like! Given application design problem handled better it to do something of reasons the code code! Relationship than they are really great indicators of bad design this like your great aunt Trudy had suddenly away... Up beforehand in my recommended developer reading list might lead to problems further down the road our own types better! Long lost lovers who end their respective relationships and just be together, are! Allow us to define our own types for better obstruction and impossible to reuse without major refactoring response a!